30 May 2013

Settling in to a New Normal

We are definitely finding our groove. It is becoming increasingly difficult to send my other kids (particularly my elder daughter) to school each day. We are learning so much at home without even trying; it does seem only natural to have all of us involved in this process together.

Highlights this week:

Lulu's insta-maths (bonds/tables) is greatly improved. While they were good when she came home I didn't like the fact that it took her a few seconds to find the answers. I am weird like that, mental maths must be INSTANT - almost like a reflex. With the help of

xtramath.org  and the awesome tables games on multiplication.com we have perfected mental maths; but we drill every day - and it is a highlight!

Language continues to go well and am fortunate she thrives on the creative process of the English language.  Sentence construction including prepositions, verbs, adjectives, nouns aswell as homophones, synonyms - we covered it all this week. We will be doing consolidation next week in the form of book reviews, blogposts and other creative compositions.

We have covered our Anne Frank material (books, BBC mini series and YouTube) and will be putting together our project over the next few days - my plan is to simply have Lulu write the story as she remembers it unfolding; not to focus on tiny details but more on creative writing.

Next week we will be adding typing skills to our daily routine - this is such a fun and quirky introduction to typing for kids!


I watch this video this evening - Seth Godin is someone I find highly inspirational. I would highly recommend watching this if you have ever wondered exactly WHY we do school they way we do?

Be prepared to be challenged in your thinking!

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