31 May 2013

Special Friday

Today we made it official.

The world will not be blessed with any more little Browns. At least not from our loins. 

Faith and I accompanied Russ to Constantiaberg this morning for his appointment.
The nurses where enthralled to see her working away; they had so many questions. One nurse has a son at the Ambleside school in Hout Bay so is well acquainted with the Charlotte Mason approach. 

It was such a great experience - while the surgery was taking place I was explaining the concept of division to Faith and watching her grasp it so quickly was incredibly satisfying.

When Faith was at school, NumberSense (the dreaded workbook) was her worst nightmare. She hated it. For the first 4 days at home she would get teary each day as we sat together and worked it through. Now maths (and the numbersense workbook) is one of her favourite activities AND she works independently until new concepts need explaining

She also finished her fingerless gloves today - she is incredibly proud of her work and so she should be - they are gorgeous.

In less than stellar news, I have developed plantar fasciitis which is rather unpleasant. AFter 3 months of ignoring the searing pain every morning I decided to google my symptoms....the naysayers reckon this is one of those recurring things but they said that about my ITB aswell....

After a couple of hours of research (google and youtube I love you) I have a great plan of action that will see me proactively treating this - I will not stop running. Period. More calf stretching (esp as i run in zero drop shoes) and some icing to ease inflammation. Am optimistic!

Now off to shop for supplies as we baton the hatches for the stormy weekend ahead!


Marleen Swart said...

It's great that Faith now like Maths. I hope that the new school of next year, will also bring out such positiveness in my son. I strongly believe a school/teacher make or break the subject to our kids.

Lynette said...

Well done to you and Faith both ;-)

I do hope Dr Google and Dr YouTube will fix you...(insert giggle) and that your feet will be healed soon.

Flowrsinherhair said...

certainly does suck about the foot. I know it can be super painful. Keep me posted how you go... good news about the man and little Faithy is the bomb.com!

Mom's pretty remarkable too!