27 May 2013

Sunday Snapshots

Woke up in the wee hours to a pretty spectacular lightning show. With no curtains in our bedroom it is always pretty awe-inspiring as our bedroom turns into a natural {quiet} nightclub.

Charly was less than impressed and literally tried to climb into my skin - thunder and lightning do not a happy dog make.

It was not easy to get our bones out of bed due to the fact that no warm bath/shower was available to get us motivated to start the day. Hopefully our geyser will be replaced tomorrow or else Mad Mel is going on the rampage.

As you can see from these pics there was much lazing around in my bed for many hours.

The girls playing Campus Life on the iPads - they do so much together nowadays.

Beating out a tune all of his own

Strumming away - I think he will be ready for lessons soon. Thankfully I can teach him the basics.

We had the whole family around for lunch to celebrate the kids birthdays - with all 3 in a month it is much easier (and kinder) for everyone to make one day than 3 separate occasions. It is always mildy chaotic but heartwarming to have my siblings, parents and nieces in my home. I even managed to whip up a pretty mean chicken/veg soup in minutes before everyone arrived.

I also finally learnt how to use the KRUPS coffee machine my mom gave me over a year ago, thanks to my boat, Mr Kupa Coffee Man! Now that I understand the mechanics of the machine I can spend time my honing my barista skills.

Around 5pm I left my family to escape to my mom for a long HOT bath (geyser still out) and what a luxury it was. Small things we take for granted. Around 6pm Russ and the kids arrived for baths/showers - by 730pm we were all home {clean!} and in bed with our respective books - perfect ending to a wonderful day.


Marleen Swart said...

I love that you all had such a relaxing weekend.

cat said...

Last Sunday we had NO water - the main supply to our house went bang in the afternoon and the type of pipe meant there was no quick sollution - only fixed on MOnday morning. Gosh one then really appreciate the modern standards we have

Lynette said...

Gosh I can't even imagine being without hot water.