13 May 2013

Thoughts on Day 1

Today was a blank canvas. We were ready to just fill it in in a way that was comfortable to us.

I thought it would be fun to document our very first day. This type of post is too personal for my other blog but I do want to keep a record of this journey.

Both Faith and I have a tendency toward Type A behaviours and I wanted to make sure we pace ourselves carefully.

The first thing she did while I cleaned up the kitchen was her eye exercises. This is going to be a great way to start each day...in the past eye exercises where always a drama and so difficult to fit into a hectic day.

She usually has a headache for a while after these are done. She was able to play with Charly for a few minutes until the headache had abated.

We went straight into maths, working in her NumberSense workbook from school. Once that had been done we did drills, math rockets, math flowers etc - just reinforcing bonds and tables.

We then headed to the library to get out books. We will be introducing electricity this week in our quest to uncover the mystery of traffic lights and how they work. ;-)

Valyland Hardware Store gave us copper wire and DC bulbs so we will build circuits tomorrow. Our other errands included the pharmacy where she had to go the assistant and list what we needed. From there we went to buy sewing stuff and she found the bits, tallied the costs and handled the sale.

Everywhere we go, from the library to the hardware to the dog parlour - people are so receptive and practically cheers us on in our decision to learn outside the school building! The lovely lady at the dog parlour has asked Faith to come spend an hour from time to time with her as 'life skills' project.

When she (Faith) is ready the owner has offered her a job shadow opportunity to learn how a business runs and to even work with the animals! I was just blown away.

We finished our day by reading from our Modern Heroes series (Anne Frank) and she managed to find all the countries invaded by Hitler on our wall map. She also mapped out the Allies and the baddies. ;-)

Read aloud time - these books are the bomb!

And now, while I wade my way through a mountain of admin she is chilling with the pup and watching an espisode of The Middle....sssshhhh, dont tell her sibs she got to watch tv at lunchtime!


Marleen Swart said...

We for sure don't want to tell her other siblings about that TV time ;)
Glad everything went smoothly and that it surely sounds as if the both of you enjoyed it.
Glad you are getting so much support from outsiders. You sure have mine.

allie. said...

Wow - what a fun way to learn!
I love that you are teaching her how to handle life in the midst of the academia.
I wouldn't be surprised if you enjoy it as much as she does :-)
A massive adventure for you both.

Flowrsinherhair said...

Sounds like an awesome day - well fine guys