14 June 2013

A week in pictures

Fridays seriously sneak up on me. I have a couple of free hours right now while Faith is at a friend and much as I love to blog I would rather do something messy today - my arty crafty side needs some nurturing. 

A photo post to sum up some of the highlights this week will have to suffice!

Faith made a beautiful large denim drawstring bag for Levi for his birthday. Complete with monogram. It is apparently for all his sports stuff (balls, bats, racquets, helmets,pads et al) 
A picture will be posted once he has received it!

She is also made this little pin cushion yesterday afternoon. She is just in love with the sewing machine and am indebted to Michelle for fostering this and teaching her so well.

I think she needs a name?

Not the  best picture but this was 3pm in my home yesterday. Levi learning his timestables on www.multiplication.com (game Flurry of Flavours) and Faith colouring in pictures in her Story Sums workbook while Rachel was writing me a persuasive essay on exactly WHY I should homeschool her!

Absolutely delighted that my boy has suddenly become an AVID reader. He dragged me in the pouring rain to the library (in his pjs!) to go and get 3 books - all in The Boxcar Children range. I credit his teacher, who is passionate about reading, as she began reading book 1 in this series to her class. He read 6 chapters last night and was up at sparrows this morning to continue reading. I have waited many years for this time - our FIRST winter where everyone can curl up reading for hours at a time.

No more ipad in quiet time - the reader has arrived

The morning is freezing, wet and windy. Faith had to knuckle down and get through her maths this morning in order to head out at 11am for a highly anticipated playdate. Heater, puppy, cushion and Khan Academy to teach her long division. She is blossoming and happy. As am I.


Marleen Swart said...

I love that cushion she made for the pins. Very crafty :)
Love the platform you do maths on.

cat said...

So much happiness in this post! Love it

ANNE said...

Mrs Tiggy Winkle for the the pin cushion? Love the blog Mel!

Lynette said...

Ah...I have already started teaching my little ones to love books. Such a happy post...and the flu struck.

LG said...

So glad that the sewing machine is such a huge hit. I saw his bag at school on his birthday morning and it looks amazing.

Everything is smooth and happy in this post.

That's good.