20 June 2013

And then he was 7

Not excited about my Hooli turning 7. Thankfully his excitement made up for my lack thereof.

Happy birthday dude!

Somehow there is a sense of loss in that it's official now. I am 'that mom'. The mom with older kids that looks upon the moms' with younger kids with a faraway look, laden with nostalgia.

Early morning presses include squash balls and a swiss army knife

Scones for breakfast - lots of humour for so early in the morning!

Lots of little boys getting ready to party!

Bring on the craziness!

 Anyyyyyway. He had a superb birthday. He dodged the flu lurgy, raked in some awesome pressies AND had an energetic, action-packed birthday bash with all his mates at a local activity centre. Sadly I forgot to put the memory card in my camera so no pics to speak of barring a few iphone images.

Just add bounce 

A little shy as his friends sing to him
It was difficult leaving the girls at home; we really felt incomplete without them but they simply were not up to par enough to be going out. We will be doing our customary Spur birthday outing as soon as everyone is 100% again.

The tent has been a huge hit and he hasnt slept anywhere else since!


Stefanie said...

I am so one of those Moms too, wanna join my club? It gets lonely sometimes. Party looks like so much testosterone filled fun.

Marcelle said...

he still is so so little!!!! only 7....ag mommy!!!
Happy birthday

Marleen Swart said...

Glad the party was great and a great indoor area as well. Happy Birthday to him :)

cat said...

Happy happy Bday to him! I swear after 7 they just grow up way too fast

Lynette said...

Happy birthday Levi...I will never forget your birthday...as you share it with Lukie.