27 June 2013

Randomness on a Wednesday

Charly is no longer sleeping in our bed - hooray! Although she occasionally still gets to sleep with one of the kids she is now well able to sleep with the other dogs downstairs without crying or performing.

The house-training continues...we are successful most of the time IF the weather is not foul. Unfortunately for daschund owners it is a well documented fact that these little canines despise wet/windy conditions and will potentially avoid going outside unless forcibly coerced. On the whole though I am very happy with our progress.

Today I scored one of those stupendous bargains on gumtree. I have been looking for an area rug for my entrance hall. But not a cheapie nylon thing - something with a classic design and a nice deep pile. Everything I priced came up close to R1500 if not more. I spotted a brand new, pure wool carpet on gumtree a week ago but the guy was out in the winelands area and I am not a big fan of travelling miles....a bargain is a bargain only if price AND location work.

Long story short (or is it too late for that?) he brought the carpet through to Russells office today and I parted with the princely sum of R400. *happiness*

We had a very chilled afternoon having all acquired new reading material from the library. We each found a sunbeam and read until 4pm. 

Tomorrow we head out early to see Monster University in 3D before heading out to Mcgregor for a short-long weekend. 


Ordinarylife said...

With that much cuteness no wonder you have not kicked her out earlier.

cat said...

Sounding like you are having a great time from the last few posts. And my is taht puppy adorable