25 June 2013

Love These Days

I love days like these.

This morning I dropped Levi off at his friend Elijah's house. Elijah is one of 4 boys and I just love that Levi hangs out with this family and gets plenty of opportunity to indulge his masculinity in a safe environment. Only a mom of 4 boys takes it in her stride when a kid arrives for a play-date with his swiss army knife! Today was his longest play-
date ever - he spent from 930 to 1600 and still it was just not enough. All the boys were less than impressed when I showed up - but rather that way than the other eh?

I also took Rachel up to some friends of mine in the estate. The husband and I have known each other since schooldays and I have recently become friendly with his wife, Shaney. They have 3 small children under 4 and I suggested a while back that Rach would love to pop in and entertain the kids for a few hours giving the mom some much needed space. Having an extra pair of hands (eyes) is such a huge help - I was so blessed to have friends with older kids to help me back in the day.

Rach had a wonderful time - came home around 4pm utterly exhausted but exhilarated. The kids are adorable and she loved the interaction and really rose to the occasion.

Faith spent the day unwinding at home on her own. She had a marathon play-date yesterday, only returning home after 4pm which means she needs some time alone to regroup!

I spent much of the morning with a good friend (who happens to have taught my girls and is currently teaching my lad) swapping ideas and thoughts around curriculum for next year. She will be leaving formal education at the end of this year and be homeschooling a few kids; Faith and I will be working alongside her in an informal scenario.

Having someone so highly qualified, with 25yrs experience in the education industry, provides a great deal of comfort to me in this time of transition. I am always filled to the brim with inspiration after time spent with Kerrin.

This afternoon we said goodbye to Faith 'princess sleigh bed' that we acquired many years ago from Joanne!

Seasons of change are blowing through this house; Faith wants a slightly more 'grown-up' bedroom. Thankfully she has chosen the right time to ask for change cos this mama is on a roll.  ;-)

I also scored a little bargain on gumtree today....but more about that in a later post.

About to go and brew up a hearty soup and watch the final of Project Runway.

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Marleen Swart said...

I love that you have spent your time with a friend. I can use one right now :(