02 June 2013

Stories of Stormy Days

This was a landmark weekend. I realised just how far we have come. As the parent I now have kids that are completely self-sufficient, in fact, they can now serve us!

Russ and I were treated (both mornings) to a stellar breakfast of tea (Faith)  fruit platters (Levi) and grilled cheese sandwiches (Rach). And I didnt even have to prevend to enjoy it!!

We spent many hours in our beeeeg bed with our gadgets and books

Moving from our beeeg bed to our snug couches we did puzzles and watched endless hours of movies, series including Survivor, Bear Grylls, Legally Blonde, Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants and Little Manhattan.

The only downside to rainy, stormy days is the housetraining of certain little princesses who do not like wetness or wind....I spent far too much time outside in my uggs and with my red polka dot umbrella waiting for Charly to see that I was NOT not going to give up!

I was genuinely disappointed to have to wake everyone up and bundle them off to school on this frrreezing morning. Bring on the holidays!


Marleen Swart said...

That sucks big time - spending time outside in the rain to train the little doggy :(
At least all the other things made up for it.

Lynette said...

Hope you're surviving the big freeze in Cape Town. It looks like you all made the best of the stormy weekend...my kind of lazy weekend for sure.

Please just chase it off before we get there in mid July...okay?

Flowrsinherhair said...

sounds like a cuddly perfect weekend. Ours was off the charts busy which has left me in bed with flu. Emo about it.

cat said...

Lovely ! I would love to get breakfast in bed.