05 June 2013

The Best Birthday Ever

I have been slow in putting this blog post together as this birthday of Rachel's was about so much more than turning a year older. 

The daughter of mine has truly become one of my favourite people to spend time with; somewhere along the line our trouble relationship turned into one of mutual respect and admiration. I see all the good in her and vice versa. I held my breath initially, wondering how long it would last, but I see a real heart change in her and for that I am truly grateful.

The timing is just perfect as she will be homeschooled next term and I can say with confidence that any reservations I had some months back have been allayed; she is ready and her motivation / reasons for choosing to experience this type of education are exactly what I needed to hear. 

Happy birthday to an amazing daughter, sister, granddaughter and friend to so many!

Having fun with the Magic 8 ball

Magic 8 ball is a winner! (Faiths pressie to Rach)

Very special afternoon spent with Granny Allie

A few days before her birthday I decided to ask her friends to surprise her....we always go to Spur for birthday dinners so I invited 5 of her closest girlfriends to join us there as a surprise. It was the middle of exams and I was so stoked that they all managed to persuade their parents to allow them out!

While the food was on order the girls cruised Musica and Wordsworth. They are helluva accommodating and even let me follow them around (in public) with my camera! All the kids (and their friends) know I have a one minute rule - Let me get some decent pics in one minute and then I will be GONE - no hovering about.

Very special girls

Best friends for many years - my two favorite Rach(a)els!

Find a couch and lets chill babeeee

A new friendship blossoming and so much in common!

My very special birthday girl - glowing like her sparkler!


allie. said...

Lovely post about a lovely girl!

Marleen Swart said...

Lovely photos of the girls socializing. Happy Birthday to her.

Flowrsinherhair said...


I didn't know Rach's hair was so curly!

Love it when they find their way!!!

cat said...

Happy happy Bday to her - what a lovely surprise

Lynette said...

Sorry I missed this post. She is turning into a beautiful young lady.