13 July 2013

About the Furniture

I think everyone knows I have been on a massive mission to re-vamp some furniture in my home.

The arrival of Annie Sloan paint on SA soil has made many previously challenging endeavours far more manageable.

I have done quite a few tables which have been seen in previous posts but my energies lately have been aimed at rejuvenating a really rather unattractive cupboard.

not pretty but stored loads and loads of stuff!

The entire unit as is is probably worth R200 at the most so I did not want to spend much cash on the actual piece. I essentially wanted to slap on some paint and change the drawer handles. Initially I had dreams of using old maps (or map fabric) on the top and sealing it with a large piece of glass or perspex. Both these options proved outrageously expensive (R600 - R800)

Taking the doors off - will repurpose them someday soon

Glass handles, pallet crates and Mr Price boxes
The crates I had specially made at Harry Goeimans Nursery and I feel they really make this piece special. One day when I grow tired of the unit I will probably put them on castors and use them as under-bed storage or for firewood or or or. Such a versatile item.

The handles for the drawers were found at Heart and Home - a wonderful place to browse and find beautiful things for your home

Fortunately I spotted this grey table runner on clearance at Mr Price Home and just knew it would do the trick. At the same time I found the lovely grey/white French inspired boxes for the lower tier.

I am pretty stoked that I actually finished this. I have a rather ugly habit of starting projects with great gusto and then either NOT finishing or finishing in a hurry - this time I ran the gauntlet, did the hard graft and am grateful that it turned out so well.


Flowrsinherhair said...

It's amazing!!!!!!! U r amazing!!!!

ANNE said...

Absolutely beautiful !
Well done Mel

Anonymous said...

Wow, I am impressed! You are so gifted


Heathcote Safari said...

Love it! Great job :-) I can't wait to move into our new home and start making it ours, thanks for the inspiration. xx

Ordinarylife said...

wow, it looks great!

cat said...

Wow, a great re purpose

Lynette said...

Wow Mel...this looks awesome and stunning. I love it.