12 July 2013

About Running

I havent spoken about the running aspect of my life for some time. I think it was Ostrich in the Sand syndrome. I have tapered dramatically the last 2 months due to some trouble with my left foot which I believed to be plantar fasciitis. I did the research and decided to treat it myself and even took a month off, truly believing this could help.

Well it did not.  In fact, stopping running is the worst thing for my body. I know it sounds weird but if I don't run then I get tight, achey in my joints, sore back and just general lethargy seeps into me like tar. Seriously. It just sucks - I feel like a duracell bunny running out of juice! The foot didnt get any better either.

I decided to go and see the physio on Friday and HEY PRESTO - nothing that cannot be fixed. Hurt like the blazes as she worked into the area but the news was all good.

Essentially, due to an old hockey injury on my left ankle, I pronate quite badly which is causing the pain in the fascia area. I had not struggled before as I was wearing supportive running shoes. Now I run in minimal shoes and it is flaring.

Two options:

1. Stick an orthotic in my natural/minimal shoes and run.


2. Do the rehab - strengthen my ankle, build the arch and teach myself to walk/
run neutrally on the left side. This also means running in a supported shoe until that foot is strong again.

I am not a fan of orthotics unless it is the ONLY option so I am going to do the time/exercises I reckon I will be back to full speed within a month. #eternaloptimist

Truth is I am just happy to be able to run again knowing that there is no serious problem - I have taken the leap and entered the infamous Camel Run on 1 September to get me working on a goal again.


Ordinarylife said...

so glad you are able to sort it out! I am still battling and hate it. My body also does not cope well with not running! Aches and pains everywhere - that and I tend to fly off the handle at the slightest thing - cabin fever or note.
I had to take myself off to gym yesterday to calm down

Lynette said...

If I haven't been on the treadmill for two days it feels as if my skin is going to split and I feel uncomfortable. I guess I am addicted or something.