17 July 2013

Belligerent Mel is in the House

After my previous post where it was all looking so neat and rosy .... now I am having one of those remarkably annoying days.

I think it may well be a culmination of grievances and things 'not going according to plan'. 

Due to factors beyond my control (isn't that always the case?) demands are again being placed on my time and I find this week I have not ONE uninterrupted morning.

Granted I do not need a full 4 hours to school my kid every day  but I also cannot have my time broken up into little bits and pieces - it is driving me (and her) nuts.

I think I may have been somewhat to vocal about just how much (or little) time we actually need to do school and now expectations are again creeping in and demands on my time are piling up.

I want to swear right now. A lot.

I had a school meeting this morning around our Market Day which is being held in 10 days time. Let's just say Belligerent Mel made an appearance and I knew I needed to excuse myself. Fast. (bearing in mind I had already sat in said meeting for 90mins).

Anyyyyyyway, such is life and I really should have more grace for people who are different from me. Perhaps I will find it in the bottom of a coffee mug? ;-)


Ness said...

No but you will find it on a decent run! (says the woman who has been kicking ass in the gym for the last 3 weeks) WHOOT.

ANNE said...

I find doodling on a pad when meetings drag good therapy - or make a list or write a poem....hahahaha!
You look interested - as if you're making notes...

Marleen Swart said...

You do sound annoyed today - yes, I agree. Find it in that coffee cup and fast!

cat said...

LOL! I doodle like Anne. I any event I hate it that people have NO consideration for other people's time

Lynette said...

I am taking time out today to find myself after a hectic weekend and crazy two days at work. I know that feeling too well.