22 July 2013

Bullets from a Weekend

That title could be literal....can you believe gunmen held up some church folk down the drag from us recently? Thankfully no-one was hurt but it certainly threw a curve-ball. Someone needs to let the baddies know that

a) church is casual nowadays so check your attire fit with the church you plan to heist
b) most cash is thrown via eft so dont waste your time
c) God may be ticked if you mess with His peeps

Anyyyyyway, moving on to my weekend. Which did not include church.

  • Friday night we had my sis and BIL over for a non-farewell farewell dinner. Lovely evening; of course now wishing we had done it more often in the 15-odd years we have lived streets apart. 

  • Saturday I had brekky with my sis and some mutual friends. We headed to the beach - a spectacular morning and great way to start the day.

  • I have no idea what I did that afternoon which probably means I watched tv or read a book? Oh wait! I sketched. True story. I sketched some very scary faces but I want to learn so I guess it means I have to try. I would post them here to show you but am not going to because they are very bad. 

  • Sunday morning found me lazing in bed while Russ went to church. I later cleaned house, yelled at the kids a little and then decided to take them to movies at Blue Route as we are apparently The Only People who have not seen Despicable Me 2. 

  • Horror of horrors the show was sold out at Blue Route so we had to go to Cavendish. My worst place in Cape Town. Its just a great Hall of Consumeristic Chaos. Argh. I had to breath deep and remember to smile as my kids had a jol and were just stoked to be out and about. As in 'out the valley'. 

  • We returned home just after 5pm and I immediately pulled on my running shoes and headed out to shake off the mall-vibe. Had an incredible run with the sun setting on my heels and found the girls catching tadpoles on my return route home. 

Normality. Nothing quite like it.


Marleen Swart said...

Well, me and my family haven't seen Dispicable Me 2 as of yet :/
Makes me so sad that people are getting gun downed at church.
I'm glad you all had a wonderful weekend.

allie. said...

Do not believe her when she says her faces drawing are awful.
It is not true.

A PS re the gunmen story - they arrived in dark suits at the uber-casual-attire church!
And went into the children's church to demand money: not your sharpest pencils in the box, obviously.
A very brave security guard stood up to them and was pistol whipped for doing so. He could have been shot.
We are grateful for divine protection and also that the children seemed to be unaware of what was going on.

I have yet to see Despicable Me 1 #ducksforcover

Lynette said...

Your mom says your faces ain't that bad :-)

I don't like it when the baddies mess with God's people. So glad you could run the bad bad mall out of your system.

cat said...

Ai, just stupid baddies!

Loved Despicable me 2 - great movie! Sounds like a great weekend

Ordinarylife said...

I want to see the faces!