18 July 2013

Possibly Controversial?

I did eventually find my way out of my funk yesterday. Not in the bottom of a coffee cup although I did try, but instead by taking my whole family running! (Ness - you were right!)

The guy with me is a classmate from my youth; and an occasional trail run partner.

We all headed to the local time trials in our area and had a wonderful time - I was struck by how quickly it gets dark and felt a right twit in all my black gear! Next week headlamp and reflective gear for all of us.

There is much talk around the 67mins for Mandela and while I think it is noteworthy and a wonderful tribute to a great man I do get that 'rebelliousness' rising up in me.

If another person asks me what I am doing for our 67mins I may be forced to ask them what they are doing with THEIR LIVES.

I know. I am being obnoxious but I really feel that we should aspire to lives of '67min' moments you know?

So...for the record I have nothing official planned for the 67mins today but I applaud everyone around the country who is stepping out and doing something for the upliftment of their fellow countrymen.


Lynette said...

Well said...I dedicated my life to the community so nothing special is happening here...just the usual work ;-)

Marleen Swart said...

I second Lynette. Also not doing something. Just work. In my opinion, charity does start at home - 67 mins of moments with your family.
Glad you got out of the rut of yesterday.

Julia said...

You are NOT alone. I did nothing either. And IF I ever do something then I'm not going to brag to all and sundry about it. That's between me, the person/group I choose to bless and God.