31 July 2013

Re-looking Constant Connection

I have been pondering over the ongoing issue of connectivity in this world we find ourselves living in today. We are all slaves to it to some degree; life today requires connectivity but the degree of our entrapment remains our choice.

I am the first one to admit that I embrace technology wholeheartedly. The problem I am finding is that my face is glued to my super-awesome phone for many more minutes a day than I would like. The first assumption my kids (friends, acquaintances etc) make is that I am immersing myself in social media. Yes, I use Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. I use Whatsapp and iMessage but much of my time on my phone is spent doing the following:

  • Research for lessons
  • Watching YouTube instructional videos for a myriad of reasons including learning how to use my Mac, iTunes, fixing my fridge, how to crochet, how make ice cream, how to build various projects, how to do woodwork  - the list is endless but none of the tutorials are AIMLESS; each one has value to what I / we are involved in at that time in our lives.
  • Emailing
  • Banking
  • Photo editing
  • Reading the news
  • Finding noteworthy applications that we can use daily for life or education

The trick is how to avoid the trap of doing everything 'on-the-go'.  I tell myself I am just super-efficient and that technology makes my life so much easier but just because I CAN DO all these things on my phone does not mean I have to do it Right Here, Right Now. 

This is incredibly difficult for me - as thoughts fly into my ever-thinking brain I have the immense satifsication of being able to action them on my phone IMMEDIATELY. Sadly this is not good because often I am with other people (usually my family) and they become a soft blur in the background. I hate that I do this and it causes constant internal conflict for me.

Rachel will be getting her Blackberry within this year. She does not want it but I need her to have it. I need to develop my own healthy habits with regard to cellphone use before I can expect her to do the same. 

I realise I have been around this mountain before but I do believe that Technology-Creep is an ever-present reality and that pausing to reassess my position annually and making necessary adjustment can only be a healthy habit.

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cat said...

Oh gosh yes, I find it difficult too but have recently realized that it is not negotionable when with the family