30 July 2013

Still kicking

It has been a while since my last post. I am often really short on time; priorities have shifted but I do want to try keep the family blog updated as often as I can.

As most of you know we said farewell to my sis and BIL yesterday - their new adventure has started in Luxembourg as of this morning. He (my BIL) was head-hunted and been given a 10yr contract with the company - a wonderful opportunity for them to live in and travel Europe - something they have both desired for many years.

While everyone reminds me that technology keeps us all close I do require some time to come to terms with the fact that she is phyically no longer here. She lived 5minutes down the road, taught at my kids school and was pretty much around. Remarkably we did not see each other much but as everyone knows that is Not The Point. Ugh. Anyyyyways.

Sibs minus one (who was down with manful)

I have been walking the hounds at least twice a week at the beach while Faith dances. Luke has become increasingly annoying in that he is taking off and not listening to me. That makes me mental. Earlier this week he disappeared completely. I had to leave the beach to fetch Faith from dancing and then returned to look for him only to find him cavorting with some random dogs. Once he saw me be bolted to me and jumped in the car oblivious to the chaos he caused. Little shite. I should probably just drop him off in the mornings and pick him up an hour later! ;-/

They have zero concept of personal space.

In other news - our schools market day happened this past weekend. It has been months in the planning and I have been co-anchor of making sure everything worked out so there was MAJOR stress and sleepless nights. This is the first time our little school has put on such a large fundraiser but it all worked out even better than I had imagined. The feedback from all fronts,  especially from our community, has been excellent.

I was truly exhausted - my co-chair and I were probably the only people at the event that did NOT eat, drink or get time to browse; we simply rushed from pillar to post and made sure things were ticking over. Thankfully we have roughly another year before we do it all again. (altho she is homeschooling next year so I have no clue how I am going to pull it off without her!)

I bought an 'old fashioned' phone at the market.....I cant stand the fact that if the power goes out for any reason our cordless techy phones dont work. I like to have the old school one on hand. My kids got SUCH a kick out of dialling and talking and hearing it ring. Small things hey?


cat said...

I totally adore that picture of the puppies

Marleen Swart said...

I love the photo of the dogs and you. Great shot as well. I can only imagine how much fun the kids have with the old fashion phone - this is something that so few people have in their home these days. Landlines are usually for internet with modems :)