11 August 2013

Breaking 15

I havent run long in some time as some of you know. The whole plantar fascitiis thing kind of messed me up for a few months but it seems to be under control. *she says while rolling her foot over an iced bottle*

Seriously though, I have received ' professional' treatment and am happy to say that I had my first long run in some time today.

Breaking the 15km barrier for me is mentally crucial as I have a race at the end of the month and prior to today I had not logged more than 10kms on a single run. The race is 16km and it is 'multi-surfaced' in that it is a combination of road/beach/mountain so it is going to be killer.

While I am happy to have run long today I am still well aware that my fitness is nowhere near what I would like as those 15k were run ON THE ROAD and as all runners know....that is a doddle compared to trail.

Now that Faith is more settled and we have a strong routine in place I am going to take 90mins a week and head into Silvermine to get trail-fit again. It would be very easy to convert to being a 'roadie' but I so miss my mountains and the serenity of being in nature as oppose to fighting the traffic. No contest really.


Kirsty said...

Do you have the blue spot silicone heel inserts?

Stefanie said...

Glad you're feeling good enough to run.
Love reading your posts and getting glimpses into your world again.

Marleen Swart said...

Well freakin done on breaking the 15km barrier! That's is awesome, lady. A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!

Lynette said...

YOu go Mel...I am sure you will get right on top of it very quickly.

Julia said...

Go you!