19 August 2013

Catching my breath

The last week has been but a blur.

Levi had a severe croup attack last week at about 1am on Wednesday morning. He has had croup on a couple of occasions in his 7yrs but this was the worst I have ever seen. We had the emergency services come out and I honestly have never been so afraid in all my 40+ years.

Thank God all is well, he bounced back super fast and by morning he was rebuking me for calling the ambulance! Suffice to say we kept him home the rest of the week even though he insisted he was TOTALLY OKAY and he was but that doesnt mean that I have slept much (at all) in the last week.

His room is just too cold so he has been bunking with us and as any mother knows you hear every scratchy, raspy and uneven breath. I is very very very tired.

He went back to school today but is still nursing a wee cough which will see him avoiding sport for the next few days, much to his horror. He did buy himself some rope this weekend and has been quietly busying himself learning how to tie different knots - thank goodness for apps that show you how because this mama knows NIKS about knot tying!

Rach is now coughing and feeling grotty, yesterday she had no voice so spent the day at home today. *sigh* I think she will head to school in the morning as she seems to be well able to stir the pot; lots of hijinx at dinner tonight. While I am utterly exhausted and really short tempered I could not help smiling on the inside - seeing everyone on the upswing, laughing and chirpy - albeit annoyingly energetic for dinnertime.

I hit the gym for my first  crossfit workout in a long time today. I poured the stress of the past week into my efforts and the lower extremities are protesting this evening but it felt so damn good to be pushing the envelope again; this type of training will also do wonders for my running.

With that I leave you all as i pour these achey bones into bed.


cat said...

Oh gosh you sound exhausted! But seeing FB it seems today will be a good one

Julia said...

I have been googling crossfit because I think I would LOVE it. It's soooo expensive though. Am going to see if I can score a freebie session somewhere.
So glad your kids are on the mend. I can imagine how scary it must have been to see Levi so ill.