09 August 2013

Getting off the Couch (a post not about running)

I think you all know that I do love people and going out but sometimes I just hide away. I am one of those people that get really excited planning a night out....then that night arrives and I can barely muster the enthusiasm to take a shower.....I go reluctantly and TA-DA I have the best time. Usually.

Amazing women, all of them.

My friend was celebrating her birthday at a local pub. Her husband is a muso and had a gig at said pub; it sounded like it was going to be awesome and FOMO* was a definite motivator. Two problems though ...Friday nights find me shatterooned and Russell was away which meant I had to go on my own.

An interesting capture but tells a story. Big smiles.
 Anyyyyyyway, long story short. Ta-Da! I had the best time. I missed Russell but the other couples graciously included me and I didn't feel like a spare part at all - no dirty dancing or PDA's! ;-)

Only one of these guys is a real muso....but the other had fun anyway!

Lucky for us we can follow Linton from gig to gig (his own stash of aging groupies) and we dont even have to leave the valley! ;-)

Funny story from the evening : I went to the bar to order a drink (passion fruit and soda) and go to pay for it when the barman asks if he can add a shot of vodka for me. I politely decline and he looks utterly confused and really is speechless. He then declines payment as how on earth can I be forced to pay for 'juice'. I ain't complaining.....!

FOMO = Fear Of Missing Out


Flowrsinherhair said...

Yay - so fun! And you all look awesome!

Marleen Swart said...

You sound a lot like me. When the evening arrives, I don't look forward to it at all but when I arrive at the event - I have the time of my life.
Not paying for a drink? Now that's a bargain :)
Glad you had a ball.

Lynette said...

Sounds like a good time all around.

Julia said...

You and I are the same. It's all about the planning and the anticipation of a party. Then it's party night and I'm like "do I really have to go?". And then I end up having a FANTASTIC time.