05 August 2013

Happy Spaces

I have, over the years, spent time showing my kids the benefits to living an active life and eating in a way that promotes energy and vitality. It has been a soft, slow and gentle process as I do not want to breed Health Nazi's. We all know that I can veg on the couch all day and put away pizza without too much trouble and I like it that way!

Lately, however,  I have watched my kids  begin to self-regulate in a way that makes me realise that my labours have not been in vain.

 I have been teaching the girls how to cook our mealtime vegetables - we have tried to be creative as veggies can be very boring but have kept it simple. Steamed brocolli tossed lightly in hummus or drizzled with a lemon/balsamic vinaigrette. Cauliflower blended to a rice-like texture and tossed lightly in coconut oil. Raw carrots and peppers dipped in various dips. All these sides are now easily prepared by the girls and are eaten and enjoyed.

For dessert (on the rare occasion!) we have fruit with homemade ice-cream made purely from frozen bananas.

As I mentioned in a previous post I do have a goal of getting our family to all run together. I see it as such an easy, inexpensive way to adventure together.

Sunday late arvie with a difference - off the couch and onto the road

Rachel is not a naturally sporty person so I have agreed to let her swerve school sports (she has tried them all over the years) as long as she agrees to run a minimum of three times a week.

I have been so impressed by her commitment - she diligently laces up and runs 1.5km 3x a week and is now committing to run a 5k with me over the weekends.

Tackling the hill up to our house - we took it slow....didnt want to freak them out!

She and Faith ran 5.5km with me yesterday evening - what an experience! Teaching me to slow down and enjoy running more as I hear "Look at that cat mom! Look at this dead bird Mom! Mom - my lace is undone! Mom I have a stitch! Mom the car fumes are making my nose itchy!" Despite many little interruptions I was overjoyed to have my girls with me and I do think I may well light the running spark in them....I have agreed with Rachel that if she doesn't LOVE running by 18 she can stop. ;-)

Never have they been so happy to see home!
For now we aim at The Colour Run in October - this seems to be providing great motivation for ongoing training.

Levi needs zero motivation. He is running from pillar to post at every available opportunity playing squash, soccer, rugby and hockey each week....and lamenting because they don't play cricket in winter.

We are in a happy space right now - I want to breath it in, soak it up and remember that my life is good.

( I am taking extreme care not to DRILL my kids and have done plenty of research - I found this article particulary useful on preteen exercising)


allie. said...

I'm so impressed with what you're doing with your kids!
The effort is really paying off now.

Marleen Swart said...

I am also impressed by how you are teaching your kids about a healthy lifestyle. You as a mother are doing an exceptionally great job.
I love the idea of tossing the veggies in hummus.

Kim Barty said...

Super mom you. I'd love Zoe to enthusiastically share my love for weekend mountain walking, gonna take a leaf out of your book...and phone a friend!

LG said...

Awesome that they are so motivated too. Nice and healthy! Looking forward to getting going again soon myself!

Lynette said...

Ah, it is so nice to see them running with their mommy....and I love it that they get you to "see" everything that they see.