03 August 2013

News from The Hood

The only way to keep up with my blog (and jog my memory!) is to use photos to tell the stories of the past week or so.

This week has seen a spring-teaser hit Cape Town; beautiful balmy days have lulled us into false hopes of a mild August. Sadly I know better. Having lived here for a good 35 years I know too well that August will kick our asses in good time....it was this time last year that our house flooded with a violent storm so you can well imagine my trepidation!

Still gives me ants when he does this!

Faith has learnt the gentle art of waiting. Being with me 24/7 means she sometimes has to wait (dentist, hair appt, waxes, gym, coffee dates etc) and she does it with poise and grace. I am challenged to begin to take a leaf out of her book - many of you know just how 'gracious' I can be when forced to wait...

Fridays are 'fun-days' at my school. We work hard all week but on Fridays we play even harder. Every second week we join with Cape Explorers to go and explore our beautiful city. The other Fridays we play by ear and this week we were thrilled to spend a day in the studio with my friend and artist FlowrsinherHair. She prepared such a stunning morning teaching us about different papers,  mediums and techniques. She even did a 20minute painting while we watched her  showing us so many tips and tricks using acrylics and the fabulous Caran D'Ache Neocolours.

Flowrs and Faith - a special morning sure to be repeated.

Watching Flowrs at work

This morning dawned a little differently....no Saturday lie-in.... the whole family (and Gran and Oupa) were at the sports fields to watch Levi play his first tag rugby match. What an experience! I have to say he plays with huge guts and really plays hard. He was muddy from head to toe and pretty cut up. And this is NON-CONTACT!  He hurls himself to reach the tags and at one point got a heel to the mouth and needed some 'off the field' attention. *swoon*
A little support from Dad when things got a bit tough.

Games all over and everyone in one piece. #happymom

This afternoon saw us taking Faith through to Sea Point to rehearse for her first Eisteddford performance on 12 August. She is super excited and they are doing a wonderful tap piece to a Frank Sinatra song.

While she was busy we beetled off to Green Point Park to enjoy the most incredible sunshine and wind-free day!

Silliness taking pics of each other!

Not long and Rach will be as tall as me!

Enjoying the childlike moments while they last.

The park really brought out the little kid in her - was delightful

I loved watching their interaction

It is easy to see the beginning of the separation in our family. The girls hanging out more and more with me while the guys go off and do their thing. It is a natural process but I would like to find opportunities to encourage us all to enjoy similar activities - this park is one such place.....and of course I have not let go of my dream to have us all running together.  

To this end I have entered us ALL into Cape Town's first Colour Run - The Happiest 5k on Earth. It is going to be such fun - the perfect introduction to a low-key, non- competitive, crowd-pleasing run along the Sea Point promenade in October!

Book your tickets!


ANNE said...

lovely record of happy times, Mel!
Great family pics and memories.....

Marleen Swart said...

That's a great idea for a race - wish I stayed in Cape Town to participate :(
Wow! Your girl performing. Would be so cool if you could make a little video clip to show us.

Flowrsinherhair said...

The kids are getting big Mel! Scary hey! But love that u r creating moments to play!!!!! Love it! ❤

Kirsty said...

I am very (Im)patiently waiting for the colour run to release the JHB date! Am anxious to get tickets

Lynette said...

They are having it here too...I want to go and walk it just for fun.