05 September 2013

Not A Moment To Soon

This August has to rank right up there with one of the least pleasant months in my life to date. It's over - and not a moment to soon for me.

Not only was at least one member, at times all 4 members, of my family ill with sinus/headcolds/croup for the ENTIRE month but I also faced some of my own health challenges. And it wasn't a cold. 

Suffice to say that in the aftermath I am grateful all over again for the simple things. I am trying to move forward armed with what I have learnt and attempting to shed the fear that could come to claw at me should I allow any space in my thoughts for 'what could have been'.

Right now I want to step outside in the bright sunshine and GO FOR A RUN. But that will have to wait for a few more days; instead I will be content watching Faith grapple with a new math concept and later join an old friend for a well-overdue catch-up coffee.


Marleen Swart said...

I agree Mel. Do not let those thoughts find their way into your head. You just need to go on. Hugs.

Julia said...