15 October 2013

Bi-Monthly Update

It seems I only get to update a couple of times a month - not ideal but better than nothing. Once upon a time I enjoyed writing my blog and spent time actually formulating a readable post but nowadays I throw thought-bombs onto a page in the vain hope that I will remember all the details one day in the future.

Rachel is now being schooled at home alongside Faith. While I had envisaged this all along the gravity of the decision is still weighing on me. There are nights I lie awake wondering exactly what the hell I am doing. Ultimately I know it will all be okay - I have many women ahead of me who are schooling high school kids and they keep me grounded in times when my panic can overwhelm me. I also know that I can do this - I am passionate about teaching and learning and opening up the world to them.

Both girls love structure, which I have learnt can be a swear word in homeschool circles,  then again we are not the norm in this culture. I do feel that structure serves us well and we all feel better for it. The girls are ready for the day by 0815 and we aim at being finished anywhere between 11 and 12. Anything beyond that is flexible and optional.

I spend many more hours prepping for the week now that Rachel is home - I have had to really 'lock-down' on internet research as the rabbit trails can devour my time and attention.   Last week we had zero connectivity and I found I could school the kids WITH EASE just with the resources I had on my shelves; this was a breath of fresh air.

I am running more frequently again; the Cape Point half marathon is approaching steadily. This is not a timed race so am not to phased about it. This weekend is Cape Town's first Colour Run and we are all excited about it!

Russ has been spending many more days in Joburg exploring opportunities and meeting clients. I have dubbed her (jhb) The Evil Temptress Biatch as she drags my man away far too often. ;-)

I will have to do a photo post soon as there are so many epic little tales to be told alongside these images.

For now I need to get on and do some marking!


cat said...

Brave brave you!

Marleen Swart said...

Lol about what you dubbed JHB city. Need to remember that next year when hubby will be visiting the branches for the last time ;)
So good to see an update from you but totally understand why you only do them so few - there are other things in life.