30 October 2013


Some of you know I have  been trying to (unsuccessfully) manage another blog 'The Informal Educator' which was supposed to chronicle our school journey as well as serve as a 'resource hub' for other people interested in alternative education.

Here is the thing.

I don't have time to to that and I realized I am doing all this work for what? For who? 

 Nee jislaaik - I would rather take that time to read a book, have a swim, play with the dog or just veg out!  I seem to have this default 'share' button in my brain that I really need to switch off. Nobody really needs all my sharing! :-)

Back to home-base it is. Consolidate all news and life-happenings right here in this space.

School is going well; the girls are enjoying it. I am very surprised that Rachel is so settled and apparently not missing the social hubbub of school life. Our relationship has only become more solid; she is definitely taking on responsibilities at home with less prodding from me.

I am challenged daily with this new model of life but perspective is a beautiful thing and I regularly remind myself WHY I am doing this and that it isn't necessarily forever. Ironically (and miraculously) this makes every day seem sweeter. My challenge often lies in choosing what I teach; not in how I teach - there is so much information out there. I follow an eclectic curriculum that I have constructed taking the best bits from numerous sources. It is working well.

I have ten days until my 21km trail race in Cape Point. I am not very well prepared for it but am looking forward to lacing up and just enjoying the scenery with Russ and a few other friends. I am road running regularly but getting to the trails is very difficult these days- I really need to focus on a plan to Make It Happen.

I am in denial about Honey (our golden dog) - I think her back legs (or hips) are starting to give in. I noticed this yesterday but was hoping I was wrong. Today I can't help but see she is somewhat unsteady on occasions. I am taking her to the vet this afternoon; am dreading bad news as she has always been my constant trail-buddy.

The crazy daschund, Charly, still continues to delight us daily - she is in the 'chew and destroy' phase but thankfully seems to avoid anything we hold dear and aims at sticks, plastic cups, old balls, stray socks and pegs!

My niece is coming to live with us until mid-Dec. Certainly going to crank up the energy in this house so I think I will put her skills to good use! (driving, shopping, cooking!) As an only child she is about to experience the complete chaos that exists in our lives - thankfully she is excited about that - long may it last! ;-)


cat said...

Oh I agree - all in one place. You do sound very happy and settled about the home school thing - I truly admire you!

Heathcote Safari said...

I loved reading this and can't wait to catch up with you in person SOON! Well done on keeping perspective, you're doing a great job. xx

Lynette said...

I agree spend the time away from the classroom doing what you love. I hope Honey (doggie) is okay.