01 October 2013

Scenes from a StayCation

While our holiday in Mykonos was lovely I have to say our little stay-cation at my folks this weekend proved to be equally appealing!

An impromptu sleepover on Friday night turned into a lovely long weekend at the 'House with a View' and it was just what my tired, ailing family needed. 

Granny and Oupa offered lots of TLC to the little outjie who was still suffering and by the time we returned home on the Monday he was well on his way to his usual sprightly self.

This here Mom (ie me) also received some serious TLC in ways only another mother would understand - Thanks Ma!

Levi's poker chips provided HOURS of quiet, indoor entertainment. All kinds of games were invented.

Oupa teaching Levi some poker plays

Sick lad and tired, worried mommy.

On Sunday the sun came out and we lapped it up - our long lost friend!

Seeing Levi climbing and excited made me very happy!

Ice-creams of the catwalk and sun on our skins

Love these people

Monday was almost warm enough to tempt us into the water. Almost.

*happiness* Enough energy to play soccer with Oupa

This was a weekend to remember - and we have all agreed it needs to be a more regular occurence. Lucky us - we have McGregor and The House with A View to which we can escape and enjoy magical family times. :-)


allie. said...

It was lovely having "our brood" to stay with us.
We're in favour of it happening more often too :-)

Marleen Swart said...

Seems Levi loves his oupa so much ... poker and soccer playing :)

Jeanne-Marie Webb said...

Looks like a real healing weekend!!!!

LG said...

Lucky... can't wait to be back and see you all. Even better than the view. So glad that it was a chilled time for you all.