04 November 2013

Brave Moms and Daughters

I have been doing some planning and research for our next academic year.  It will be our first 'official' year of homeschool and I do want a real plan of action as oppose to a weekly plan.

I have to have termly goals which will have to be broken down into monthly and weekly goals to enable us to cover all the bases.

Looking back at the last  six months two things stand out for me that need adjusting next year.

1. I need to spend more time consolidating what we learn. My girls grasp things very quickly and they get bored but it has become clear that the solution is NOT to move on but instead to find creative, inspiring ways to repeat the information for longterm retention.

2. I need to spend less time (and money) on external activities. -Some things I cannot teach them (piano) and some things I do not want to teach them (cooking/sewing/baking) but other things I can definitely teach them. (creativity/languages/phys ed/lifeskills)

I have decided for art next term we are going to be doing the online Brave Girls Mothers and Daughters workshop. I did a course with them 2 years ago and it literally changed my life. I do believe this will be a perfect workshop for us - Fridays will be our art day - a reward for a well-worked week!

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Marleen Swart said...

Think you have a great plan set out here for your girls. The workshop sounds amazing.