19 November 2013

Christmas Rules

I saw this floating around the interwebz last year and decided to ensure I stuck to this simple shopping guide for Christmas 2014.

Much as I love Christmas I do tend to be left with a feeling of hollowness as I see the abundance of 'stuff'. While I consider ourselves to be pretty conservative gift-givers I still think we can simplify even more.

I have just finished ordering a book for each of the kids from Loot. (READ) The girls showed me various clothing items they like today and I will nip out and get 1 item for each of them. (WEAR)  They all need new swim goggles and towels. (NEED)

The only tricky item is the WANT but I should be able to wrap that up in an hour at our local mall.

Christmas suddenly just so much lighter.


Marleen Swart said...

I like this poster. Great idea for giving to the kids.

Lynette said...

Thank you Mel. This is going to help me. You know I have a fobia for all things shopping.