29 November 2013

Dancing Queen

Madam faced her fears and did both her modern and tap exams today. 
Wowzer, the nerves were off the hook as she has such high expectations of herself.

I collected her from her tap exam to find her almost hysterical. She had forgotten some of her routine. She had had her routines down perfectly for months….but on the day her nerves let her down. 

Thankfully she had about 2 hours to recover before facing the same examiner and performing her modern routines. She was more relaxed and enjoyed it far more this time around.

Nerves beginning to kick in before tap exam

The hair! I tried but thankfully there are more talented hair-lasses on hand to help me.

Moments before her modern exam

She loves the dance outfits!
Experience is what is going to help this young lady cope with exam performance pressures.
Her exam marks were not what she had hoped and certainly not reflective of her talent (her teachers words not mine!) but she passed and she gained valuable life experience in the process.

I am incredibly proud of her but somehow wish I could dial back her perfectionist nature!

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Marleen Swart said...

Now how did I miss this post?
Glad that she passed and gained valuable life experience in the process.
Well done!