19 November 2013

Faith and Friends

This week Faith invited a few of her favorite (ex) classmates for a playDate. One of the biggest changes since she left school is her increased capacity for playmates.

Ironically she had zero interest in after-school socializing as she was simply too exhausted and 'peopled-out' to ever want to have playmates. She would spend her afternoons either chilling with her siblings, dancing or reading a book.

Nowadays she is excited about seeing her friends on a more regular basis and her social circle has grown dramatically. She if far more able to hang around all different types of kids across a far broader age/interests range. 

The photos below capture a few minutes of their free-play time at our place this week. I didn't want to interrupt with my camera all arvie but took a moment to snap these highly amusing images.


Anonymous said...

So glad for Faith.


Lynette said...

She is growing into a fiery red head.