14 November 2013

Head vs Heart

The end of the term in drawing near. Things are slowing down at home and at school.

Rachel is writing her Maths and English exam next week; we are mainly focussing on revision.

I have been really lazy this last week and it has affected my mood (as always) so the last two days have seen me rising at sparrow fart to ensure I exercise. I feel so much better and less foggy in my head.

I have also decided to have Rachel complete her primary school career in formal schooling. We always knew that this last term has been a trial period. We have both thoroughly enjoyed it and it is very difficult for me to send her back to school.


She did not leave because she was unhappy or because I was unhappy with the school - she left to see 'how the homeschool-half lived' so to speak. 

This is the last year this tight-knit group of (10)  kids will be together and I feel, in the long term, she will regret not being a part of them. At the end of 2014 they will all be going their separate ways and we will decide on her future path.

I broke the news to her today and while she is disappointed she was brave enough to confess that a small part of her knows that this is the right decision for her right now.

I feel a little bit queasy really. I did not foresee this ; I really thought I would have both my girls home next year. 

While I know this is the right decision it is taking some time for my heart to catch up to my head.


LG said...

I know it must be tough for you, but I think the reason you are doing it is really solid. Knowing the group, I totally get it. It's lekker that she has had the time to experience how the other half live.

However, this information came too late for us to change the postcard that is written! :)


ANNE said...

Ah Mel....hard decision, but you have good instincts!

Marleen Swart said...

I can imagine how your heart is sitting in your throat at the moment but that decision you made, is probably the right one. Strongs my friend. You know what's best for your daughter.

cat said...

I do think it is the right decision

Lynette said...

I am sure you are making a wise decision that wasn't spur of the moment. It will all work out.