22 November 2013

Of Sunshine and Pretty Drinks

A few weeks ago I decided I would host  a small garden party. *ahem* 
Or shall we say a small cocktail party. 

There was much excitement (friends) and google searching (me) about what exactly constitutes a cocktail and whether I should even entertain the thought of making my own.

The google search answered my question. No. It really is just like cooking. 
Except you drink the result instead of eating it.

I wanted to feet up in the sun with my mates and enjoy pretty sundowners with even prettier people.

I decided to chill the glasses early because 'apparently' cocktail glasses should be cold.
(as a non-drinker I had to serious research on this event people!)

I decided to also make a big jug of Pimms #1 - we decided this would be offered as a 'life-skills' module for Rachel. The art of the perfect Pimms. ;-) 
Sadly we failed as the general consensus was that our concoction was WAY TO WEAK. 
I am sticking with the story that it was perfect and my mates are just hardcore drinkers. ;-)

LOVE. I could live out here.

Sushi and drinks chilling in the fridge while I am chilling on the deck.

Colour makes me happy.

My official Pic of The Day. Decanting is for sissies. (or people who don't own enough large glass jugs!)

Girl time rocks!

Channelling Lara Croft as I hunt Charly with the water gun! (perfect deterrent to a barking dog!)

I have to say I could get used to Fridays like this  - a perfect start to the weekend!


ANNE said...

Looks like a fun time - you've given me ideas! Love the glasses and swizzle stick pic!

cat said...

Now that looks like a great time!

Marleen Swart said...

Oooo, I'm very jealous. I would also love Fridays like these :)