07 November 2013

Ships in the Night

Ships passing in the night.

That is Russell and I right now. It is crazy.

Growing this business of his is taking every ounce of him - we used to think he was busy when he worked his day job plus his own business but it isn't even close.

Naturally I am also far busier than I have been in recent years. There are many hours spent in research and prep for school not to mention the household stuff that needs to get done. (we all know how that is going due to my recent 'crap-creep' post!)

Neither of us are complaining. This post is not a 'woe is us' rant. It is simply stating that both of us, passionate about what we do, need to discover ways to switch off our work mode.

We are starting with the race on Sunday. It will be our first road race we have done together.

Okay - about the race : (this is going to be a rant!)

I booked this race 3 months ago. It was pitched as an off road half marathon in the beautiful Cape Point National Park.  I had no reservations - this was the race for me. I had set my goal this year at one 21k road race (done) and one 21k trail race. This was to be the trail leg.

Two days ago I received a letter from the organizers stating the following:

1. There will be no water tables; only large barrels of water for you to fill your camelbaks. (have you ever tried to fill a camelbak bladder on the run, the queueing for this will be ridiculous)

2. There will be no medals. Yes, I am being petty but seriously, I am paying R200 and I am running a long way (with no drinks now either) and you can't give me a momento of the run?

3. The most upsetting part of all. They have changed the route. It is no longer a trail run but a road run. Along the tar roads of the park. I am gutted.

To this end I have decided to not bother running the half. My motivation and inspiration is zero.
I will simply run the 10k - quick and easy. At least Russell and I get to do something outdoors. Together. Doing a short run means we get to go for breakfast after the race before heading home to our sproggles ---- best of both worlds!


Marleen Swart said...

I think that the 10k sounds much better. I wouldn't have the inspiration for the race either with this new information broadcasted. Jeez!
Sorry to hear that you two are passing each other by. I assume that this is going to be the same for me and Deon as well there in CT next year for a bit ...

cat said...

AI Mel, I know about that pass each other by feeling. Sounds like us.

And my, I feel like they cheated you guys with that race.