03 November 2013

Sunday Sighs

This weekend has not been very productive.

I am finding my weeks are so very busy that by the weekend I am pretty depleted. I can barely think in a straight line never mind come up with 'happy family outings' or anything very creative.

Of course, bland household chores (cleaning out the garage, weeding the driveway, fixing the washing line, vacuuming my car, hanging our 3641 pictures, fixing doorhandles, replacing light fittings, cleaning a million venetian blinds, purging and sorting toys/books/clothes/bags/shoes/allthatothershit is at the very bottom of my 'oh happy days' list.

The crap-creep in my house is insane; it is beginning to strangle me. Little piles/drawers/cupboards are harboring many hours of sorting and purging. Stuff is not where it is supposed to be and nothing, NOTHING, lights my fuse quite as violently as not being able to find what I need.

And yet here I sit, blogging, when I could be sorting.

I need to do the whole 'elephant bite at a time' nonsense.

Maybe I will start tomorrow.



Ness said...

OH dear lord how I hear you. "Crap-creep" seriously best description ever.

Why is it I'm the only person who can a) use stuff and then b) put it the FRICK AWAY.


High-five from across the seas

LG said...

Nothing like moving house to get rid of the crap-creep... so you can come here maybe?

allie. said...

For a start, delegate the first four chores to the male unit.
Second, life is too short to sweat the small stuff - that includes crap-creep.
If you have to do it, do it in small bits when you have the fervour for it.
Otherwise turn a blind eye or bribe the kids

Lynette said...

Oy, not a good place to be. I usually decide to take it a bite at a time and then end up working my ass off for long days to get everything in place again.

cat said...

Oh gosh Mel, I tell you- I will tackle your and you mine. I am sure mine is worse

5Fishers said...

i have SO SO SO much stuff...i think it must be contagious