05 November 2013

The day arrived.

Yesterday the elusive day arrived. The one I warned my girls about a few weeks ago.

'On some mornings the weather will be picture perfect - school will not happen in the morning; it will happen later in the day when the wind comes up and the sun goes down. Be prepared - it is going to be a mental shift doing school at 4pm but it will be worth it!'

It is not often that days like this present themselves, especially not in November. An expansive bright clear sky. Not a breath of wind. Just no way on earth we will be doing fractions and long multiplication when we can be on our big wide beach.

It felt weird, almost illicit. The girls had such fun in the low tide pools - jellyfish, bluebottles and other creatures were in abundance. I wish I could tell you we had a 'lesson' on sea life but we did no such thing. We simply absorbed the freedom and frolicked.

Although frolicking at 40 takes considerably more effort than at 12; that was my discovery for the day!


cat said...

What an absolute win! Love it. And gosh, I miss the sea

Marleen Swart said...

What a wonderful day you all had :)

Flowrsinher Hair said...

Freaken awesome