04 January 2014

Just Start

I am a good 10 posts behind from 2013 but I will start here, today and catch up in the future. Thankfully I have notes to remind me of all the many things we been involved in and will take one evening in the near future to put it all down.


Russ made a stellar breakfast for us all this morning. His last day of leave; he presented the idea that we look at Isaiah 43.19 as a family and use that as our verse for the year. We are each  facing a very challenging but exciting time ahead and these words seemed fitting.

We had such an animated  discussion around what God meant and how we can apply it to our own lives as individuals. I am always amazed at how kids can grasp and apply scripture to their lives in a way that is always inspiring and fresh.

We also discussed this quote:

We spent a good 2 hours each writing out (and decorating) our thoughts and prayers relating to the verse and will put it up on the wall in some prominent place in our home.

I (we) have been feeling for some time that we would like to see the kids grow in their own faith and their own relationship with Christ. I believe that this is the year they will find who He is for themselves.

I have also embarked on the Gratitude 365 journey. I know it has been going around the scrapping world for years but it never bit me. I believe timing is everything and it would seem 2014 is my year to capture daily moments for myself as well as begin to teach the kids about living with an attitude of gratitude.

I will be blogging this (Gratitude Daily) as well as capturing it in hardcopy form. (yay, paper and glue!) This year will not see me returning to scrapbooking in the traditional sense but it will see me finding new ways to be getting messy in my studio. (well, my studio is now a classroom but you know what I mean!)


LG said...

Great post. I love that Merton quote and used it in a blog as well some time back. Love ur Gratitude blog. Having fun with mine too. X

Marleen Swart said...

I love how involved you all are in God's Word. I can't wait to start homeschooling with Ronen and start his day with scripture and projects revolving around God's Word. The schools in SA don't have Bible as a subject anymore (as you know) and I want to implement it in the Homeschooling. It will be me and Ronen's thing :)
I wish you and your family all the best for 2014 my friend.

Raine Edwards said...

You are an inspiration my friend, really...
And can't believe we spent the arvie together and hardly even touched on anything! Looking forward to many more special meetings in 2014

cat said...

Oh I totally love this!

Lynette said...

I hope you have a stunning 2014...and that it will be all you wish it to be. I love the way you and your family do this together.

I wish you came up in my blog feed :(