07 February 2014

School of Life

This past week has shown me the good, the bad, the ugly and the supremely fabulous sides to this thing called informal education.

Learning in our co-op group is inspiring for everyone

  • Rachel having a bad day. Slamming doors, accusations of favoritism, competition and general revolting attitude.
  • Faith have a bad day. Self-loathing. Self-pity and general annoying nonsense. Please note they do not co-ordinate days; would make it much easier if they simply had their  " I hate you, school, life " on THE SAME day but they are not quite that thoughtful.
  • Technology failing me and hours being hijacked while I try sort out problems.
  • Curriculums proving to be less than one had hoped  ---- realizing you could have acquired  much more fitting content (for free!) elsewhere.
  • Drowning in all the other parts of life that need attention from chores to shopping to admin.

  • Watching the lights come on after hours of struggling. The pure delight on a kids face.
  • Finding a new way to learn an old boring concept.

  • Taking our ancient history lesson into a local forest. Setting up 'camp' with a friend and watching our kids play for hours while laughing about the chicken she (and our kids) are currently 'mummifying'. Yes, the kids wanted to understand how mummifying works….and am truly grateful for a friend who is willing to take on this activity. >_<
Early stages of mummification….5 weeks to go!

Mr in his element! We went after school hours so he could join in the fun.
Even teen girls can get excited about dirt!
Working together to build a communal shelter.

    • Having amazing support in friends who teach my kids while I get to disappear for a trail run at 0830 in the morning!
      Russ doing the 'out and back' as I really struggled on this run….road running has made me weak!

    • Joining with other kids to be part of something big. like Ted. Ed. 

    Kids watching other kids presenting TED talks.
    • Watching my kids build relationships with older/younger kids - Faith is so excited to be able to 'start a business' with a teen lass (who Faith simply adores) who shares her passion for vintage, one-of- a-kind clothing. They are putting together ideas of how to remake old into something new and funky.This would NEVER happen in regular school where the two of them would not have spoken to each other. 
    The two arty fashionistas in our group.
    • This morning Faith and I are home pottering around. Fridays are easy days - we take them as they evolve. 
    • Rachel has gone with school friends to the Da Vinci expo at the Waterfront. In a few weeks time she will be headed off on camp with her Grade 7 friends. The school has kindly still included many of the homeschool kids in their camps. 

    The thing called school is much like this thing called life. You take it all. The good, the bad and everything in-between. You simply choose how to ride it all out.


    cat said...

    Well said Mel!

    Marleen Swart said...

    I like this idea of the co-op group you have for this homeschool thing. How did you find a group like this?
    I am sorry that you had to find out that you can get it somewhere for free.
    You are absolutely right in saying that homeschooling are like life. It's rough, unfair, good and everything else.

    MelB said...

    hey Marleen, my co-op group isn't strictly a co-op (stands for co-operation). It is more like a bunch of my mates who are also homeschooling so we hang out and do stuff together. Official homeschool co-ops can be found in your area - the best way to go about it is to look on fb and join the Homeschool SA or Homeschool Gauteng groups - I am on the h/s Western Cape one and it really helped me tremendously in the beginning.