01 February 2014

And That Was January

The month has flown by. I am really struggling to keep blogging and am hating that life is passing me by. I just took a look at my old FiveBrowns blog and it was so nostalgic - I need to keep the pace up here even though my kids are not saying such cute things anymore. ;-)

I think bullet points will have to account for January. With scattered photos here and there! It has been a big month with many highs and a few lows. 

Chilling on the beach with another homeschool buddy

Fishing off The Kom - showing off his shark

Special times with Lisa on her flying visit from Luxembourg

A morning in Kalk Bay with the birthday girls!
  • Levi is now in Gr 2 with a new teacher that he finds somewhat insipid compared to last years firecracker of a teacher. He says she is too nice and doesn't push him hard enough. I said I would happily fill the gap and sent him to his room to do 2hrs of maths. (not) 
  • His 3 best friends from last year have left the school. He is not happy. Two of them are now home schooled and the fav is now at another local primary school. We try to keep in touch but life happens and weeks go by. It's tough.
  • The girls are both home and working well most days. The do seem to tag-team having bad days though and I have asked them please to consider co-ordinating their 'freak-out' days more wisely.
  • Rach is working more independently; she is very excited about her Cambridge science program that arrived recently and is looking forward to getting stuck into the chemistry module.
  • I do not have enough hours in my day. Seriously. And yes, I could simply send my kids back to school but that is not my solution right now. When people ask me how I am doing  I totally give headlines. If I 'complain' (i.e. tell the whole truth) they simply say 'Send your kids back to school'. Well meaning, I am sure, but annoying nonetheless. It is a bit like when they complain about regular school / extra murals and me saying 'Just homeschool them!" Grrrr( rant over)
  • Ruach is proving challenging. Russ doesn't have enough hours in his day either. We are both working from home and yet see each other less than ever before. I have to say though that after a year of adjusting I do love having him around. He was away for a week this month and it was not good.
  • Social Savvy is born. Take a look.
  • I had a dodgy mole removed. All is well but the sun gives me pause more often these days but….
  • We are spending many more (safe) hours on the beach. The exclusion nets means we can bodysurf or simply frolic in the waves!
  • Levi had his first fishing experience off the Kom and caught a little shark.
  • I am running again. I took most of the month off just to regroup and do other things. My re-entry needs to be on the trail. Am really hoping to be able to find a consistent partner to join me on the trails as my dog is no longer young enough to join me. Fortunately there is a trail within the estate that is short but challenging so I can nip out while the girls are working.
  • Sadly we lost my Oupa Grootjie this month. He had not been well for somehow this never quite removes the shock of loss.
  • We celebrated my moms 70th birthday late this month. It was really rather spectacularly special and deserves a post of its own.
  • We also celebrated my sisters birthday during her holiday from Luxembourg
  • Milestone for Rachel too - two Valentine 'date' invitations from boys in her class. She politely declined as her Dad is taking her out for valentines day. *so not ready for this yet*


Lynette said...

Wow...you had a hectic month. Hang in there, it will get better I am sure. Glad that your sis came out and you could spend her special day with her and your mom.

Marleen Swart said...

Sho! A very very busy month. My condolences to you and your family. Homeschooling 2 children. My hat off to you. I'm sure it will get better and you all will be a little less busy soon. Hugs.

ANNE said...

off to a great start in 2014!
Admiration from me......!

cat said...

Wow, there's so much happening!