17 February 2014

Unconventional Monday lessons

As a mom to young girls it is high on my value list to make sure they understand the scam of the media when it comes to woman and beauty.

The 'Real Beauty' Dove ad campaigns are a great tool to use to keep this light yet poignant. My girls already look at beauty magazines with a healthy dose of cynicism; they are asking the right questions and beginning to critically assess information to which they are exposed.

I do not think we will change media depiction of beauty any time soon, however we can change the way our young people react to media.

And then of course there are the more mundane lessons to be learnt…..

this is always more fun on sunny, wind free days

She makes tacos for the family every weekend and has become a master mince-maker!

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Marleen Swart said...

I totally agree and with us as an example different to which the media portrait, we can be sure that our girls won't fall victim to this.
So cool that she is preparing food for the family.