15 February 2014

Valentines Run

Russ and I decided to mark our Valentines Day with the  LoveRunning 10k trail in and around Kirstenbosch. 

When my alarm went off at 0530 I realized what an awful decision it was. 
Grief, I love booking races. 
And I love finishing races but I think I may really dislike all the in-between bits. 

Suffice to say we arrive at the Gardens at 0640 - it was the most magnificent morning. The crowds were not scary, parking was easy and there was not a single queue for the toilets. 
Any runner will know what a miracle that is! 

The queue for registration took all of 10minutes.
Happy smiley faces, completely unaware of the trauma ahead of us.

Heading off at 0730 into already 28 degree heat.

The route profile should have warned me but I chose to be optimistic!

This is somewhere around 5kms and 40 odd minutes into the race.
I was beyond exhausted at this point. The thought of being only halfway seriously messed with my head but I truly found serious guts and got up and carried on.

Egging on a friend.
 By this stage (8kms) I had found reserves of strength I didn't know existed. This is my neighbor and a running buddy (a road runner) who was not feeling the LoveRunning vibe at all. Just after this shot was taken Russ and I ran the last (fast) 2kms to the finish - I have never been so grateful to see a finish line in my life.

Post race pic - we survived to tell the tale.
I did feel more schnookered than I look!

A year ago I ran a 21.1k. This was harder than that. And again, like the half marathon, there were no medals for this race. I think that is just all kinds of wrong, don't you? ;-)

Will I do it again next year? Damn straight! 


cat said...

That was some serious running -look at that profile. Glad you finshed that

Ordinarylife said...

Definitely all kinds of wrong! I love medals.... :-)
Well done on finishing, it is tough sometimes.