06 March 2014

Thursday News

I always have so much to blog until I sit in front of my screen and realize I cannot remember a single thought. It is frustrating to the nth degree.

Probably the best is to start a draft page with bullet points and add to it as I blunder through the week!

Faith has a ballet show in April. Rehearsals are eating up our days and weekends from now until then. Seriously. Every Single Weekend from now until show day is rehearsal - including EVERY DAY of the school holidays. I am trying to be the supportive parent (and am doing a great job, let me tell  you!) but inside I am silently screaming.

Each of my kids have their 'thing' - that one passion that we have committed to nurturing. Faith has dance. (little did we realize that dance would grow to include modern, tap and ballet!) I am not complaining, merely documenting.

Rachel recently visited my old high school. The open day was suitable impressive; the school has improved since my days even though my old locker still holds centre stage in it's sunny corner. She has asked me to put an application in for her for Grade 8. I am not surprised and am fully supportive of her decision but have told her she will need to return home for Gr 10-12. I would prefer her to leave school with a Cambridge certification as oppose to the matric if at all possible. Nothing is cast in stone and we are always open to change as circumstances so often do.

Levi is back on the mend after another bout of croup. Thankfully he recovered quickly and is full speed again and enjoying his squash, tennis, swimming and cricket. (yes! but he is a busy boy and thrives on exercise, what can i say?)

A (large) group of us have registered for the Spar Ladies race on 6 April. I do NOT do these mass races. I hate them however I have been persuaded….and agreed on the proviso that we all go for breakfast in Seapoint after the race. Now it is more than just a 'crazy, mass-mob race'!

The girls do a creative writing lesson with my friend Kerrin on a Wednesday morning - they (and one other little Gr 5 girl) wrote this poem which I thought was kind of lovely.

BLACK feels fresh like the cold wind on a winter morning
BLACK looks like a dark and isolated night
BLACK tastes like dark chocolate and smells like Baseline coffee
BLACK moves like a shadow waiting to take its prey and
BLACK sounds silent like the world is holding breathe

The boys wrote a similarly beautiful poem about PINK and I was truly astounded by their content. I have misplaced theirs but will post it soon!

I have been pondering the whole lent thing. I have never done it or pondered it but it has been dancing around the edges of my mind this week. Today I read this post by A Holy Experience. I shared it with the girls and we will be each taking time, privately, to consider what this means for each of us.

Levi had Character Dress Up day today and he went as his favorite warrior from The Beast Quest series. I love this boy. Damn. He had his entire outfit planned days ago, there are metres of rope involved….weapons of all sorts and definitely camo pants!

I love having friends in our estate. Sadly, the Merifields will be leaving shortly - still in the area but not in the estate. We are making the most of being able to pop up and visit with them and their 3 beautiful little people.

Levi playing golf with Dylan

Rachel building a house with Ruby

Faith keeping a watchful eye on baby Faye


cat said...

Love the Angelina Ballerina teacher! Cute that she dressed up too. Yes ballet is hectic - and time intensive . And the exams get very demanding - grade 2 RAD was already pretty tough. But A still love it and will possibly be doing Spanish next year too. We have ballet concert on the 18 and 19 March and also had weekends since the start of the year and every night the week before. Dedication and commitment.

Stefanie said...

If you ever want to chat about Cambridge, let me know?
It's great and all if they get into Uni and UCT seems "easier" than elsewhere. If you do AS levels and not full A's.