11 March 2014

Tuesdays Tales

As I type i have 5 loud, happy kids playing wii. Just another day in the very 'unsocial' life that my kids lead as homeschoolers.  ;-)

Faith had cooking this morning and has come home with yet another INSANE meal. I am loving their once a month cooking classes - such a treat to a) not have to cook and b) to have a 3 course meal that is interesting!

Tomorrow is their weekly Afr-Creative Writing-Art/Craft day which means I don't teach at all. These activities are all done by friends of mine. I don't take this for granted…such a gift!

I plan to whisk myself off to Silvermine and enjoy a hike with a friend. Need to get some air and sunshine and outside time.

Have been feeling a bit miserable this week, definitely because my body has been fighting something and I can't run. I tried on Saturday and managed a very grim 6kms. I tried again yesterday and only managed 500m before turning around and walking home again. I decided to settle on a pilates class to still my desperate need for exercise.

Friday sparrows will see us beetling off to Arniston for a long weekend. Friends of ours will join us on Saturday and we are all so looking forward to it. A change of scenery is well needed right about now. We have had to cancel our trip up to Natures Valley this year due to various circumstances so this little jaunt will have to suffice.

Looks like I will be losing the man to a contract in Botswana for the next 6 months. He will be home for weekends (we hope!) but I am not very excited at the prospect. Life is like that and sometimes we just need to adapt. I can't say I am not holding out for a little miracle but preparing myself for the eventuality that I may be parenting and educating on my own.

Dear God, I am going to need a serious miracle in the form of abundant energy, creativity and patience.

Anyway, need to dash off as this is waiting for me! Prof Mel is in da house!


Lynette said...

I know how lousy I feel when I can't get exercise time...hope you feel well soon Mel. It sounds as if the home schooling is going very well. So happy for you. I would never survive without my man for 6 months.

cat said...

Really hope you are better soon and enjoy your weekend - I can not wait for ours over the long weekend to come. Eish and tough without the man but I am sure you will be ok