03 March 2014

Weekly Update

Mondays feel like a revolving door. Every time I step out I find myself at Monday again!

The weekend was relatively calm actually. The boys headed out to rugby at Newlands on Friday night. Thankfully the Stormers managed to scrape a win in the dying moments of the game. Levi does not cope well with losing at this stage in his life. I fear this Super 15 tournament is going to stretch him somewhat.

Rach returned from camp, exhausted and not herself. She pretty much spent the weekend on a couch. Saturday saw me visiting friends within the estate - running buddies that have become more than just running buddies. Both will soon be moving out of the estate (staying in the area though) so I do think we should make the most of the opportunities we have right now for the impromptu 'pop-ins'!

On Sunday morning we ran the Milkwood 10k with a bunch of friends. Conditions were not ideal and I found it much harder than I anticipated. The last 2k had me running into a strong headwind and I swear I felt like I was standing still. I missed my ideal time by 2minutes but still scored a PB as this was my first 10k road run.

That being said I was happy with my lap times generally and the fact that I finished with a negative split. (faster second half than first)

Sunday afternoon found me moving furniture again. I finished my coffee table and I am very happy with it. It is much bigger than our old one, no more dragging it to wherever you sit! Finally no matter which couch you choose the coffee table is within reach. The kids also discovered it is a perfect Monopoly table. The rain came down and we started watching S28 Survivor : Beauty-Brawn-Brains. Proving to be quite a telling season. We also started watching BBC Miranda - this comedian had us all in stitches!

All in all, a peaceful and productive weekend. Let's hope the week follows suit.

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