22 May 2014

Faiths 10 birthday

The day finally arrived. She had been so patient and long-suffering. The 5 days prior to her birthday she had had to move out of her bedroom so that the makeover could be completed.

We painted the entire room and all the furniture (barr one cupboard) white. Hung her favourite pictures. Added some vinyl decals. Added new handles and light switch covers. Put up numerous hooks for all her bags, medals, jewellery, belts and and and!

The medal hanger made of scrap wood and old door handles.

The mirror selfies

The onsie clan!

We went out for breakfast at Ellies Deli with my mom and later did the family dinner vibe at Spur as is tradition.
A happy ten year old girl finally slept very well in her new bedroom!

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Lynette Jacobs said...

LOL...love the last photo of all of you in your onesies.