06 May 2014

Lately around here


We did our first family trail race about 2wks ago. The Constantia Valley race - early morning rise on a Sunday, packed kids and hot chocolate and off we went. Thoroughly enjoyed by us all - we have booked our next family race for 11 May - Slave Race 2014 in Cape Town city centre.

someone was very excited on race morning!

Levi broke his toe 10 days ago. It turned out to be a bit of a drama. Initially I ignored it and taped it to the alongside toe but later felt I needed to get it checked out. X-rays showed a nasty fracture….he had to have it anesthetized  and the doctor realigned it. He was super brave. It is still not right though but we are hoping he will be able to do Park Run and Slave race this weekend.

Faith did her first Park Run last Saturday (Rach stayed home with broken-toe boy) and she really surprised me and herself. She ran the 5k trail route in under 35mins. Fantastic achievement for her.

happy mom
proud dad!

She is also back at dancing after all the public/school holidays - this nearly was the undoing of her….no dance makes for a very grumpy fairy. She is now in Eistedford mode - coming up in August which means 6 dance lessons a week! (2 tap, 2 modern, 2 ballet) Yikes.

We have managed to get out and enjoy some of these beautiful cape town autumn days. We took a lovely walk from Kalk Bay to Muizies with some friends. Just epic and makes me grateful to be living in this utopia despite the naysayers.

Kalk Bay

Dangers Beach

Muizenberg catwalk
Rachel has been given an AMAZING opportunity at a local pre-school. (the one Levi used to go to) The owner/teacher (Gill)has invited her to come anytime to help with the kids. It is a small school with a great cross-section of learners.

One of the kids is special needs and another is ADHD - she is gaining invaluable experience. She is going full-day on a Tuesday and any other free time she has during the rest of the week. Gill is training her in a variety of skills as well as inviting Rachel to bring her own ideas to implement. I cannot be more grateful for such an opportunity. (for those that don't know Rachel has indicated for some time that she would like to run her own preschool)

I have the kids birthdays coming up … really soon. Faith is up first on 21 May and we are doing a room makeover for her. I am up to my neck in painting walls and refurbishing furniture.

Rachel is up next on 5 June and it is her 13th birthday and she really would like a murder mystery party….I have a lovely young homeschooler (event planner extrodinaire) working on a proposal for this for me.

Levi is up next on 20 June and he just wants a Gladiator party - just have to find those inflatable things that they can use to beat each other around the head!

This weekend I spent the day re-varnishing all our outdoor furniture ….

as well as painting a desk, a chest of drawers and a server all white. A few more coats to go, some vinyl transfers and I will have some beautiful new-look items in my home.


cat said...

Heaps of positive energy ! and my, those dance photos are beautiful.

Natalie said...

I didn't recognise Faith in the dance photos. Lovely action shots. You are very busy. So great for Rach.

Marleen Swart said...

Wow! When I saw the dancing photos I thought: "What talent!" Can imagine what a proud mother you are.