08 May 2014

Post Election

Our elections have come and gone. With results trickling in it would seem that our countrys' poorest are happily still choosing to re-elect their corrupt oppressors. The Western Cape remains the last bastion of hope in this beautiful country of ours and thankfully we get to call it home.

We spent our public holiday lazily - first lunch at the Octopus Garden (very unimpressed) and then a great afternoon chill at my folks place before making our mark around 4pm. Took the kids along to show them how it is all done - all rather exciting for them.

I share my running life via Endomondo with a few fellow enthusiasts and I have to say that this form of 'social media' is very beneficial. After a few days of my feed filling up with all their running exploits I do seriously begin to suffer a) guilt   b) fomo. It is pretty helpful in getting my butt OUT THERE.

Yesterday, I had promised myself I would NOT let another day pass without pulling on my running shoes  (and had made this claim on endomondo!)  so I ended up chasing sunset! A mere 2k warm up with (6) hill repeats had to suffice for the day.

This morning Russ and I dropped Levi at school and headed into Silvermine for some strength training aka trail running. Omigosh. 2.5k of uphill hell followed by an intensely technical 2k descent. The weather became seriously chilly and we ended up racing the rain which always adds a little adrenalin rush. ;-)

So much for my cheery 'lets try a new route today babe' ! Humbled by the mountain…..but Tribeca coffee was my reward and starting my day this way (however painful at the time) makes me very happy.

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