19 June 2014

Currently I am….

Currently, I am…

nothing really. mainly research material on various subjects but I did pre-order the new Brian McLaren "We Make The Road By Walking", and that should hit my Kindle tomorrow. I need to up the ante with my reading but find it very difficult to get into books these days.

 "Each chapter is written to be read aloud in ten to twelve minutes, and is accompanied by a set of Scripture readings, reflection/discussion questions, and liturgical resources - so the book can be useful in a variety of ways for classes, small groups, new faith communities, and churches. And of course, it's an inspiring and formative read for individuals too."

Listening to:  
I don't listen to music. Heinous you say? Sanity I say. I am surrounded by sounds all day every day so when I can have silence it is ALWAYS my first choice. In the car I listen to pop music with the kids. I sometimes listen to Cape Talk if I am alone.

Laughing at:  
Levi is always a laugh. He says the funniest things. I just love his mind and the way he thinks. I also suck eggs because I am not writing them down anymore and my brain is fried so I can't remember them even a day later.
Swooning over:  
Am not much of a swooner but am really lusting after new bedding for my humungous king-size extra length bed. It is such a luxury and right now more of a swoon than actuality. I want that bouncy white puffy awesome duvet that you get in 5-star hotels. I have a special name for bedding like that which I won't share here. ;-)

A possible trip to see my sister. It is a LONG shot but I need this 'beacon of hope' . I am really trusting that a way will be made for me to see her in November this year or definitely next year.

Eating lots of:  
I don't eat a lot of anything really but if I had to say ….. eggs? Cheese? If the question was drinking it would be easy….! (the answer would be coffee people, coffee)

Somewhat depleted but not in a debilitating way. The kids have worked well this term. I am really looking forward to the holidays in a way I have never before! To be able to just RELAX, not plan my weeks, mark work and be researching and thinking all the time…..ah bliss.  I am also looking forward to running more regularly and not always clock-watching.

That cooking is fun if you have time. It is even more fun if you find someone else with time to do it for you. Enough said.

Looking at:  
Party ideas for Rachels party on Saturday.

Black cords, turquoise knitted hoodie and black sox. See? I do not live in my onesie. 

Rachel cooked for us tonight - she made tacos with guacamole and all the trimmings. The kids polished it off so I rustled up a roasted butternut rocket salad with goats cheese. 

If my kids will ever stop provoking each other.

Trying out:  
Giving them lines to do when they tick me off. And I make the sentences REALLY long. Levi told me he needed physio because his wrist and arm were so sore. I told him to use the ornaments on the side of his head instead.

I don't like tagging people but if you read this YOU are tagged. And don't pretend you weren't here….if you are a Facebook follower I guess you are off the hook! 


Ordinarylife said...

Very cool. I love reading the snippets into your life.

I also love that bedding - I splurged 2 years ago and it was WORTH EVERY SINGLE CENT. Now in winter I don't even need blankets at all just the duvet. I then went back and bought for all the beds in the house.

Lynette Jacobs said...

I do love reading these snippets of your life. You are doing so well on the home schooling front...hats off to you my friend. I really do believe that children no longer use their ears to listen..flip...when did that happen?

Hope you get sexy bedding for your bed...I love my king size bed...the downside is that so do my grand children.

LG said...

Yay that you are planning a visit! Will definitely be upping my prayer game in that regard! Haha! :)

ANNE said...

thanks, Mel - love these snippets - do hope you can get to see Lis & Don...prayers there. <3

Stefanie said...

Great touching base post.

Flowrsinher Hair said...

Love your beacon of hope - I say YESSSS - just do it! You know it's possible.... just start planning and walking towards it. Trusting with you... Bring on the holidays!