10 June 2014

Exciting Sunshine?

Tuesday mornings have become synonymous with 'geography club' in our home. The fact that I hated geography with a passion my entire high school career seems to matter very little;  I have the opportunity to learn all this rad stuff in a way that would have certainly livened it up for me.

In the past few weeks we have looked at the layers of the earth as well as the many facets that make up our sun. I had planned on doing an outdoor experiment with a helium balloon today but alas the helium guy was not available….so improvise is what we do!

As I type the 6 kids are busy making an educational video clip to help other kids learn some key points.

Their brief is to use any means they please to impart the information. The key points they have to include in their video are:

radiation and convection zones

The result will be uploaded to youtube….stay tuned for the link. ;-)

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