30 June 2014

Monday with a difference

Monday morning hasn't looked this good for some weeks. Firstly, no school and secondly, Russell is home this whole week! Awesome.

I left the crew to shower and ready themselves for the day - trust me - with this many girls in the house showering, doing the hair and getting dressed is an event of epic proportions. I truly was grateful to have a reason to exit the house.

I popped over to Constantia to meet Raine for coffee and a catch up. Plenty of time but somehow never long enough to really be able to relax and get caught up PROPERLY.

Sped home to fetch 4 eager mall-crawlers.

I forgot to mention I had called T earlier and asked if she could please send her boys over to hang with Levi as I am concerned that he may not survive the estrogen overload this week! Thankfully he could stay home with the Dreyer boys and do boy-stuff.

I spent 2 hours doing this.

Thankfully Faith had dance rehearsal otherwise I suspect we may have been there way longer. The upside is that Rach found a top that she loved. And so did I - we went 50/50 on it and both score. :-)

Came home and chilled; later T came to load all the kids and all the dogs for a beach walk. I was eternally grateful to remain on the couch while all kinds of happiness happened on the beach. 

Happy, sunny days before the cold front hits later this week

Tomorrow I am planning a good run, lots of quietness in the morning in preparation for yet another 'epic gathering' in the afternoon organized by my little extrovert…..

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Lynette Jacobs said...

I can totally understand you chilling after that shopping event. You needed to regulate after that.