06 June 2014

Rachel is 13

I started blogging when Rach was 6. Amazingly enough, here I am, 7yrs later - sporadic but still blogging the little story of our lives.

From Levi….Rachel's word : Awesome :-)

Rachel's birthday was super special. I was feeling massively under pressure to do something or buy something that kind of marked this transitional day. The thing is that there was nothing my kid wanted. Nothing. We chatted about it for about a month preceding her birthday. She also had to postpone her birthday party as all her friends are currently writing exams…so the day had the potential to be a bit blah.

I decided that I would not simply spend money for the sake of it. I would 'upgrade' her bedroom by changing the colour scheme which was as simple as changing the bedding and curtains. (the walls will be repainted down the track)

Faith and went shopping the day before and bought all the necessaries as well as some bits n bobs for her to open in the morning. I was acutely aware that the morning would feel strange as Russell was still in Botswana and birthdays are not the same without the whole crew.

The 'instant quick fix' - new bedding, pillows and curtains.
Anyyyyyyway….bring on the day and she LOVED her room! She was just so stoked and appreciative;  it was heartwarming to say the least.

I gave Levi the day off school and we all got going early to go fetch Russell from the airport together. He arrived safely and I announced that we were going ice-skating!

Always been mad about her dad!

Rach was quite beside herself as this is her fav thing to do and she couldn't believe we were all going together.

What a lovely crew.

ONE more pic please? I wanna be in it!
Special because of Rachels birthday AND Levi's first time on the ice!
From there we headed to Harry Goemans which is a special place for us all and had a great brunch; home and extra murals in the afternoon while i prepared her final surprise which had only been finalized the day before.

I had come the realization that I really did NOT need my iPad….I used my iPhone or iMac for everything. I had chatted to Russell and we decided to give it to Rachel. I wanted it to still be super special albeit second hand so I reformatted it, changed the screensaver, bought a new cover and a stylus.

I wrapped it in bubble wrap. Put it in a sneaker shoe box. Put it in a Runners World gift bag and presented it to her inferring it was something running related….I managed to get it all on video….the sweetest clip ever and you can view it if you like right here.

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Lynette Jacobs said...

I love that you do so much together as a family...and I love Rachel's teenage room.